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Specialist Tanning Services, Braunton, N.Devon

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The Bronzed Studio Experience

Bronzed Studio offers a home tanning service with a personal and professional feel. Being tanned shouldn't be a scary ordeal, you should feel informed, comfortable and relaxed. Specialising in Wedding Tanning, Contour Tanning and Event Tanning, Bronzed Studio can help you with any occasion where you feel a tan would make you feel more confident. 


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Our Bronzed Beauties

Take a look at some of our beautifully Bronzed Beauties below to see the type of colours that can be achieved with our TanTruth products. We tailor for everyone whether it is for fair skin or mid to dark skin tones. 

left : 9% tan - Centre : 9% Light coverage - Right : 13% Dark tan

left : 9% tan - Centre : 9% Light coverage - Right : 13% Dark tan

9% Tan

9% Tan

9% Tan

9% Tan

13% Dark Tan

13% Dark Tan

second from the left & far right : 9% tan

second from the left & far right : 9% tan




We offer a range of services to best suit your needs. Using TanTruth products and a range of air guns, we have the ability to create the perfect look for your skin tone and occasion.


Contour Tans

Using an airgun and brushes technique to create shadows and highlights all over the body to add definition and toning all over the body. Great for a confidence boost if going on holiday or for those already athletic style bodies.

Regular Tans

Available in light, medium and dark shades, this is our most popular tan. Adding an instant bronzed kissed tan all over the body. Great for weekends, parties or just that feel good factor!


Wedding Tans

We always recommend a Wedding Tan trial three weeks before your wedding or two days before your wedding make up trial. This way your tan will be matched perfectly to your make up and your makeup artist can prepare for the colour of your tan. Wedding Tans can be very light just to add a little natural bronze so there's no need to panic about being too dark.



Occasion Tans

We can offer advice on any tan that we would think best suit you and your occasion. Whether it be for a festival, a ball, a photoshoot, you name it, we are sure to be able to help you. 




Braunton, North Devon


We are located on Lower Park Road in Braunton. Easy to find and parking is readily available.

Bronzed studio was amazing! Felt comfortable and at ease from the start and the tan was amazing! Looked so natural and got loads of compliments! Would highly recommend to anyone :)
— Katy Butler